Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Old Hook & Ladder Play! Go Boilers!

Well small miracles do happen every once in awhile, especially when you have two losing teams playing each other!

Purdue BEAT Michigan ---> 48 - 42 in a wild one in Ross-Aide Stadium! Man, I wish we had the Big Ten Network on the TV's at work, cause from the highlights it was an awesome game!

Here are some of the amazing stories from the game:

1. Purdue's 3rd-string QB (Justin Siller ) finished 21-of-34 for 266 yards passing with 3 TD passes and a running TD!

2. Michigan scored 14 points to start the game with only running 1 play from the line of scrimmage (a running TD and a punt return for a TD).

3. Purdue came back from being down 14 points TWICE!

4. Purdue ended their 5 game losing streak and Michigan lost it's 5th in a row!

5. Michigan’s first losing season since 1967 ended any possibility the Wolverines had to extend their streak of 33 straight bowl appearances

6. It also was the most points by Purdue and the most combined points in the 54-game series with Michigan

7. With 26 seconds left, Orton lateraled to Desmond Tardy for the old hook and ladder play for the game winning TD!

Wow, so what a game! If you want to watch any of the highlights...check out this following 3-4 minute clip from the Big Ten Network! There is a short 15 sec commercial first (bummer).