Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Kroger Experience

Hello all,

It is stewardship month here at Faith Baptist Church, so it is a great time to reflect on all that God has entrusted us with, and it is our job to increase it for God's glory! Cause He can call us into account at anytime!

So, lately I have been trying to figure out ways to decrease how much we spend each month on groceries, which is a big part of our monthly budget. I have been reading some blogs that deal with being frugal and smart shopping with coupons and in-store deals.

This is an account of my first Kroger experience. I have never really shopped at Kroger (or Pay-Less), because we can get price match at Walmart, but I found a blog that explained their in-store grand event. It is buy $10/$10 items and get $5 savings, although with the addition of coupons....this can be pretty fun (as I experienced). Lord willing, I will get better at this, because I am still very green at this shopping with coupon thing.

Ok, here is a summery of my 1st trip to Kroger: I bought $37.06 in retail price items for only $1.46! (Yes, that is correct...actually the total was $0.76 and the tax $0.70)

Here is what I bought:
10 - Scrub Sponges ($2.49) on-sale for $1 each. Had 10 -$1.00 coupon...basically free
These items also accounted for the 10/10 Mega Event...which also gave me $5 free
4 - Cans of Carnation Evaporated Milk ($1.35) on-sale for $1. Had a buy 2/$1 off coupon x 2
4 - Cans of Libby's pumpkin puree ($1.69) on-sale for $1.44. Had a buy 2/$1 off coupon x 2

All these coupons I found online and just printed off my computer. So, in all I saved $35.60!

Ok, here is a summery of my 2nd trip to Kroger (since I took all the last scrubing sponges!)
I bought $31.38 in retail price items for only $1.20! (total$0.50 and tax was $0.70)

Here is what I bought:
6 - Scrub Sponges ($1.99 each) on-sale for $1 each. Had 6 - $1 coupons (not sure why $1.99)
4 - Scrub Sponges ($2.49 each) on-sale for $1 each. Had 4 - $1 basically still free.
again, I just printed off the $1 coupons and used them for the 10/10 mega event ($5 free)
2 - pints of Dove Ice Cream ($3.99 each) on-sale for $2.
2 - Half gallon Milk - manager's special at $0.75 each (expiration date coming up soon)
This time I saved $30.18! Now, I could go and do this a 3rd time (which BTW is the limit) until Wednesday...which I just may do! I can just give away the sponges to my friends and co-workers!

So, if you are adding it up....$68.42 in groceries for only $2.66 (and $1.4o of it was tax!) Unreal!

To God be the glory! (stay tuned for my CVS experience)

p.s. here is the links for the coupons. When I sign up...I have another email account dedicated for unwanted ads, so to not bombard my primary email account! Also, below is a picture of the goods bought (i didn't put all my sponges in cause I gave some to Dana as well as a pint of ice cream!)

Carnation evaporated milk and Libby's pumkin puree


Mel Eik said...

That is AMAZING! So to get the extra $5 off you just have to use your Plus Card? Of is there a coupon you have to take?

Jeremiah said...

Hey Eik,

All you need is your kroger card to get the $5 deal. It is their inhouse Mega Event where you buy 10 of the chosen items you get $5 back. Make sure you take coupons to really get the benefit of this deal! It ends wednesday I believe, and they are running low on some stuff like the sponges (go figure!)

Mel Eik said...

Hey man, keep posting the deals. I saved "big money" last night at Kroger with the sponge tip :)