Sunday, November 23, 2008

Progressive Soup coupons

Here are some Progressive Soup coupons to stock up on!

1. $1 off/2 Coupon

If you print #1 & #2 once and #3 & #4 twice, and if Meijer or Kroger (who double up to $0.50 coupons) have a 4/$5 sale, you could get 10 cans of Progressive Soups for $5.30 (using those 6 coupons).

That is $0.53 a can on something normally costing $3.19. (83% savings!)

If you don't want 10 cans, you can use #3 & #4 twice and get 4 cans for $0.80 (or $0.20 a can or 94% savings). So, make sure you definelty get as many of coupon #3 & #4 as you can! Note: coupon #4 is for cans of Progressive Light.



Mel Eik said...

If you don't want that many cans for yourself, donate them to the Community Center Food Pantry!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for removing the MSG from your soups. Also my wife uses mushroom soup in some of her cooking dishes and now we can find it without MSG. I am very alergic to MSG and it has been found to be toxic to humans. Thank you again Sherman Storm St. George Utah.