Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Coupon Database - My New Project

Hello all,

I am in the works at organizing an alphabetical complete listing of all coupon in the 3 different inserts via Google Spreadsheet!

I have only been able to put in all the coupons from the 5 - 1/4/09 inserts...3 - Smartsources & 2 - Redplums! (there was like 245 different coupons!). This way you can quickly scan down the alphabetical list and see if a coupon has been in the inserts lately and when it expires and where it is located! Hopefully this will make finding deals even quicker! Then they are also broken up into each insert...SS 1/4/09 and RP 1/4/09.

I will be working on getting the last 2 weeks put in asap. I might even get it set up that anyone can add coupons as they have time to make it more a group community project. This database is for anyone, so use it how ever you can. You can even link it on your own blog as well. Feel free to spread the word!

I hope this helps...and if anyone has any recommendations to help it get even better..please share!

Here is the link...

2009 Coupon Database Project.


Plus, it is linked on the right hand of my blog as well!


a corgi said...

wow that is a great project to undertake! thanks for doing it!