Wednesday, January 7, 2009

FREE Mini-MagLite

***NOTE - We actually crashed the site I think...they are temporarly down for maintance! lol. Also the FREE Maglite deal is finished due to overwhelming response! Sorry. ***

Here is a link to get a FREE mini-maglite from All you have to do is play a quick game (like 3-5 mins) where they ask you 12 questions about agriculture stuff. I am no farmer, but I only missed 3. It was kind of fun. Btw...the game took a bit to load but went well after that. Anyhoo...hope you enjoy!



Smoothie King said...

Haha! That was fun! I'm an Agrigenius I guess...who know?!?!?! I signed up for my free Mag Light so that's all that matters! Thanks for the tip!

Drea said...

I just tried to do this, but all that came up was the main company's webpage. Is the promo over?