Friday, January 23, 2009

Preditory Lending Explained!

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As you may of noticed, I am a fan of the webpage "Campaign for Liberty". It is a site that was started by the followers of Ron Paul, who I wanted to be president of the United States. He is one of the few who really care about our freedoms, and limited govt involvement in our lives, something that this administration wont do! If your really want to know the truth on a lot of what is going on with our ecomony and gov't check out this site!

Here is actually a great article that talks about Preditory Lending.
It really explains how the whole housing mess came about and why the gov't is making it worse! Remember....Knowledge is power! Seek to learn as much as you can!

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a corgi said...

thanks for link; I read it; I kind of understood it but this helped explain it really clear

I live in a very highly foreclosed area and it is for that very reason with preditory lending; there were people here that should not have gotten loans; putting 1% down on a $400,000 house with an ARM was a bad business decision a lot of people made; people were/are living very extended out here. just so sad....

thanks for sharing this :)