Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Progresso Soup Coupons again!

Hello all,

This by far has been my most popular post of all. Thanks to Budget Help, I was able to find another "brick" coupon for Progresso soups to add to your collection and savings! With the "brick" coupons, you can only print them twice. Here are the links. I know Marsh will have Progresso Soups on-sale this wednesday for $0.99 (atleast here in Indiana).

So doing the math...that is $3.81 for 9 cans ($0.42 a can) if you do all coupon's once or $7.62 for 18 cans if you do each coupon twice. These are great to stock up your pantry or give to a food pantry if you dont have the room. Plus, don't forget to get a rain check at your store if they are out of them, that way you can use the coupons later on when the deal is over and the shelves are well stocked.

$1.10 off/1 coupon
$1.00 off/2 coupon - this is different from the other one.
$1.00 off/2 coupon
$2.00 off/4 coupon



cheapbychoice said...

Thanks! These are great to stock up on. Any extras I buy I drop off at the local soup kitchen