Thursday, January 8, 2009

South Beach Diet Bars Moneymaker!

***NOTE - The link to the Coupons are dead...I think they finally caught up with the bloggers and took it down! I hope you got to cash in on it before it died though! Remember, if you like the it quickly cause who knows when it will end!***

Here is a link to Saving With Shellie that explains a way to get a money maker at Walgreens with their South Beach Diet Bars. It is January and diet stuff is the things on sale for a while. These just might help counter the Ben & Jerry's coupons I posted earlier in the month! lol.

***Note: I did this last night and it worked. Just make sure you DONT print the coupon that says for 6 counts packs, cause the ones at Walgreen are 5 count packs. FYI. Amee tried one of the cinnamon Raisin last night and it was actually pretty darn good! ***


p.s. Thanks to CommnSenseMoney's twitter post to clue me in on this deal!

p.s. Dont forget to scroll down and sign up to win the $50 Meijer Gift Card that I will be giving away on Jan. 15th!