Thursday, January 29, 2009

My CVS Trip - saved $53.05!

Well since the Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday and also the LOTR marathon at Madmup's, I decided to do the Pepsi ECB deal going on, which is buy $20 worth of Pepsi products and get $10 ecb's back.

Plus, I had some extra ECB's to help out Dana and got some pull-ups for Conner! They have a deal where you buy $20 worth of Huggies products and get $5.00 ECB's back going on.

I was really hoping for a CVS coupon $ off/ $$ CVS order, which would of let me keep more of my ecb's. But not this time!

Transaction #1
(4) 2L Pepsi Bottles (4/$5.00)
(4) bags of Tostitos Chips (2/$6.00)
(1) 12 pack of Diet MD (3/$10.00)
Total: $27.41
CVS Weekly savings: $7.07
ECB's used: $20
Total Savings: $27.07 (99%)
Total Bill: $0.34
Tax: $0.00
Final OOP: $0.34
ECB's back $10.00

Transaction #2
(2) 21 ct Huggies Pull up 4-5T (onsale for $10.00 each)
**had 2 - $1.50 off Huggies Diaper coupons from 1/11/09 SS insert
Total: $25.98
CVS weekly savings: $5.98
MFG coupons: $3.00
ECB's used: $17.49 (used the $10 ecbs from trans #1)
Total Savings: $26.47 (102%)
Total Bill: -$0.49
Tax: $0.49
Final OOP: $0.00
ECBs back: $5.00

So that is $53.39 dollars worth of retail products, that I got for only $0.34! That comes out to $53.05 worth of savings! Oh, how I love CVS and their ECB deals!


Get $15 worth of Pepsi/Frito Lay coupons by mail when you buy 3 Pepsi 12 packs, 2 -24 packs, 2-18 packs, 4-8 packs, or 8-2 liters -AND- any combination of three Frito Lay chips/dips/salsas. Items must be purchased by 2/1/09 and request must be postmarked by 2/17/09. Multiple receipts are fine. See rebate form for complete details.


Kristi said...

Jeremiah - thanks for all of your postings and tips - i did the one for the subscription to Martha Stewart - we'll see.
I hadn't seen you mention a site called The Grocery Game ( - I saw it on tv - supposed to save you lots of $$ - I thought of you when I saw it.