Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sunday Paper Inserts - 1/4/09

Just letting you all know that this Sunday in the paper there will be 5, yes 5! coupon inserts for you to collect and save!

Here is the breakdown....

Smartsource - 3 different inserts!
Redplum -2 different inserts!

If you want a listing of all the coupons in the inserts here is a great site I found thanks to "That's Just Nifty Thrifty" at



a corgi said...

thanks for the info!! I was going to cancel the paper this year in an effort to save money, but then remembered coupons; glad there will be so many to choose from this weekend!



Jeremiah said...

Hey A Corgi,

I am glad you didn't cancel your paper subscription...I am actually thinking of adding another sunday only subscription just so I don't have to go to the store to get an extra paper! lol.

I am to very surprised at the amount of coupons available this sunday! Happy savings!