Friday, January 30, 2009

Inconvenient Debt: Glenn Beck - A must watch video!

I love the Glenn Beck show, and I am glad he is on Fox News now instead of Headline News. Today he showed this startling fact about how the US has inflated our money supply to unheard of levels. This is a very troubling thing cause that is what inflation is measured by...the supply of new money. Every time the govt prints more and more money, the less purchasing power the dollar has, which means we get poorer and poorer! This is the govt's hidden tax on it's citizens! This is a must watch video!



Casey said...

Wow. what will it take for this to be stopped?
It is scary.

Jeremiah said...

Hey Casey,

Unfortunetly it will take an act of God to stop the politicians from cutting back spending now that the snowball has formed. Once our money fails and we have to start over again with a new currency...maybe we will learn our lesson that you just cant keep printing money without consequences.

I have been advising people to get their financial picture under control. Stop unnecessary spending, start paying down debt, start an emergency savings fund, and stock up on food and daily need things, especially when you can get them free or very cheap! This will help in a depression (which we are heading), but I don't know how to prepare for a hyperinflation scenario that is likely to occur in the to near future!


Jeremiah said...
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