Monday, September 1, 2008

Our Alaskan Adventure!

Well today is September 1st, Happy Labor day! We are finally awake and getting our last bit of clothing packed up as we prepare to head off to the Indianapolis International Airport this morning at 11 am!

We are very excited to be flying up to Alaska to see God's country for the next 12 days! Thankfully we are flying into Denver, instead of anything in the Gulf coast area! Then, We will be staying in Anchorage this evening before boarding a train that will take us to Denali National Park on Tuesday. Then we will spend Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday in Denali before meeting up with Amee's parents back in Anchorage on Thursday evening! Then Friday we will board our cruise ship for a 7 day cruise down to Vancouver. This is just a quick overview, and Lord willing I will be putting up more detailed posts via cell phone each day of our stay tuned!

We have been worried about what to take on this cruise, since it is the complete opposite of our Carribean cruise we took last year. On that cruise we tried to take the least amount of clothes possible since we were there for the fun and sun! But, with this cruise, we wont be lounging around the pool to much (well maybe the hot tub). The weather is suppose to be in the mid 50's all 12 days with the lows in the 40's and the chance of rain nearly everyday. :o( So we will see what God has for us!

Also, We are excited to see if we see any wildlife upclose, since I didn't get to see any bears on my AT hike. They say the chances are very good...bears, moose, caribou, mountain sheep, eagles, whales, ect... So we will have our camera ready!

Well that is all for now! Stay tuned for more updates.