Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swagbucks - ITunes gift card (almost there!)

Search & Win

Well it has been just a little over a month and I am only 65 swagbucks away from getting a FREE $15 gift card to Itunes! We use Itunes quite a bit, and usually wouldn't go out and just buy an Itunes GC, but using swagbucks' search engine a few times a day I will take it!

I have been able to collect 80 swagbucks so far. I need 145 for the Itunes G.C. So by the end of Feb. I should have enough! That isnt to bad...a free Itunes gift card every 2 months or so.

So if you want to signup and start earning some swagbucks click on the link! You will get 3 just for signing up!



a corgi said...

I need to do this; just finding the time is hard to do; glad you are seeing the fruits of your labor and an end in sight where you can enjoy the iTunes :)