Friday, September 12, 2008

Denali day 3.jpg

Denali day 3.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Well today in Denali, we slept in to 7 am. We had a wake up call for 2 am to go and see the northern lights, cause a couple we met on the tour saw them last night around 2 am. But unfortunatley for us they werent visible tonight, so we went back to bed. Lord willing we will see them on our cruise.

So after waking up we ate our morning poptarts, and we headed off to see the sled dog demonstration.

It was very cool. We got to pet the sled dogs, and the ranger gave a 30 minute presentation of the sled dogs. Then they hooked up 5 dogs and had them pull the sled around a small gravel practice loop. Those dogs have a lot of energy! It is the only NP with a working sled dog team. It is how they patrol and observe the park in the 8 months of winter time. The park is really only opened for normal turists from may to beginning of sept. I only wish I got a picture of the sled dogs with my cell phone, cause I totally forgot to!

Well after the demo, we got back on the train at noon!