Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Metal Detecting

Today on one of my days off, I went metal detecting with Mike (Tracy's fiance)! It was great fun even though we didn't find much except for some trash. I have always wanted to do it, but had never met anyone with a detector. I can't wait to go again. Well here is the funny part of the day though...

My find: 1 dime and 7 pennies with a detector!
Mike's find: 1 dime and 2 pennies with a detector!
Cleanup crew : 3 quarters and a nickel without a detector!

To funny!

So as you can see it wasn't a big find day, but it was beautiful day outside, and I had some great company! Thanks again Mike. I had a blast!



PS said...

A post w/ no pics?!?!?!
Man, what is up with that???
I'm sure you had some good photo opps!!!