Friday, September 12, 2008

Polychome pass part 2.jpg

Polychome pass part 2.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Well so much happened on this tour I couldnt get it all in with only 1000 characters.

I wanted to also tell a little about this photo of polychrome pass. In the very back of the picture is a receded glacier between the two mountains. All the ice and snow have melted, so now u only see the rock and dirt left. It looks like a black tonue. It was very cool. Polychrome mans many colors, which was true of this area especially with the fall colors. Down in the glacier river bed where the melted water from the receding glacier was flowing, we saw a momma grizzly & her cub eating on some soapberries.

It is funny that at the park entrance they say that if a moose charges you to run away as quickly as possible, but if a grizzly charges at you you r suppose to stand your ground and wave your hands and shout or sing. Also if all else dead. I think that would be very tough to do with a 400 lb bear messing with ya! Well we got back from the tour at 2 pm.