Sunday, September 14, 2008

Icy Straight Point

Today on Day 5, we ported in Icy Straight Point, which is very new to cruises. This was the only port, in which we had to anchor the ship away from the port, and be tethered into the dock with a smaller boat. I also found out that only one cruise ship can be here at a time.
Well this port was very small.

There were many activities to do (fishing, wildlife tours, and ziplining), but we decided just to walk around the port of Icy Straight. It was a cloudy day, but pleasant. This area is a tempert rain forest, so we were able to hike through the very massive pine forest and along the beach! It was very beautiful and quiet!

We also looked through some tourist traps, but didn't buy anything. They all seem to have the same i mean stuff! We then took a shuttle bus into the small town of Hoonah, AK. It is just a fishing village about 2 miles away, and it was extremely small! There wasn't really anything to do in that town other than walk around and look at the locals! They were probably thinking...ah more tourists!

This port did allow us to get the best picture of our boat, since it was anchored just off the shore! Pretty impressive!


Dana said...

Awesome pictures!