Sunday, September 14, 2008


Welcome to day 6 of our cruise, in which we ported in Ketchikan! This is the famous place of the "bridge to nowhere"! Well the proposed site anyways. This area is land locked, so the only way into this place is by either boat or plane. The thing about this town is that it is also a rain forest and gets over 120 inches of rain a year, so it was no surprise that it was actually raining on our day there!

So it would actually be a good idea for this bridge to come hear, because it is hard for planes to fly in here due to the rainy weather, so the most reliable way in here is by a ferry boat from Juneau...which takes 15 hours! Yeah, not fun, but it could take you 5 days to get here by plane if the weather conditions arent right!

Well anyways, this town was much larger than the icy straight point. So, we decided to do some tourist shopping. We bought Jacob a new book. Jacob is Christine and Greg Wilson's 9 day old baby boy! Congrats!

Ketchikan, I guess, is the the salmon capital of the world. We did see A LOT of salmon swimming up stream to lay their eggs. The main river was so full of them, that all you could see was salmon! There were thousands and thousands of them! It was pretty cool, but also very disturbing, especially to Amee's mom!

We also took a Duck Tour of the town, which goes on land and water. So our driver not only drove us off a pier, but he also ran the boat a ground! lol. It was fun and our guide was very knowledgable! Not our favorite spot though...due to the all day rain, so not to much to say.



Dana said...

Is that where you got Connor's book too? Thank you by the way- he love it! So cute!