Thursday, September 18, 2008

Housing bust and Financial mess explained.

If anyone hasn't seen the news lately regarding the financial mess that has been rippling through Wall Street and has wondered how we got here, please read these 2 following articles by Glen Beck. He explains it in very simple and understandable ways, and it is just amazing how banks started lending to people who didn't have any sound financial means to repay the loan! Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. Read the Bank Bust first and then the Money mess will help in your understanding of the money mess article.

Bank Bust: Who's to blame:

How we got into this money mess:



Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremiah!
Still following your adventures! I was just thinking today how our prophets for years have been telling us to get out of debt and stay out, to have money on hand, a year's supply of food and water, a 72 hour emergency kit to take in the event you have to leave your home, etc. It is amazing that all that advice became so important in just the last few weeks, but definitely words to live by for now and the future. Happy travelling! Cheryl

PS said...

Hey Shep,
I've only read the first article. I think it is spot on...
Thanks for the post.