Monday, September 22, 2008

Did we almost experience a Financial 9/11?

Wow! What a day. I started my new job with ClarianArnett, and had general orientation. It went well, but I wasn't able to access the computer or watch the news on TV. I finally was able to get caught up on the financial bailout that the gov't is attempting to pass late this night.

The future doesn't look rosy. Check out this picture painted in this conversation with Glenn Beck and Stu. It really opened my eyes, cause he was picturing the events of last Wednesday to the equivalent to a financial 9/11. Where everything in our ecomony was very close to collapse or a bad recession, and it may still be on the verge. Maybe, we are delaying the inevitable, but the thing is...I am looking into how to prepare for a recession.

So right now, I will remain calm, and I will continue to put my trust in God. Knowing that he is soverign over ALL things, and I will continue to go to Him in prayer.

It is good for everyone reading to try to increase or start an emergency savings fund of atleast 6 months worth of expensives. Don't take on any more new debt if possible, and try to pay off as much of debt as possible. These small things will help in the future even if we don't go into a recession.

But at least read this article and let me know what you think about it!