Sunday, September 14, 2008

Final Day - Cruising

Well today is our last day on the cruise, so we were out to sea all day cruising to Vancouver, BC. So that meant we just did activities on the boat today!

One of them that I was looking forward to was the cake demonstration! We were in the front row, and Dave (the cruise director) needed someone from the audience. Well I didn't want to do it and was looking around to see who would be willing to volunteer, but not seeing anyone. Then Dave stood right in front of me and pointed out that I wasn't making eye contact with him, so he picked me! Yeah! We were going to try to make a German Black Forest cake!

The cake was already baked, so Dave (the guy in the middle), and I had to cut our cake into 3 layers. Then we had to whip the heavy cream by hand. I got good peaks with mine, but Dave's (the comedian) cream was still runny, which really made the demonstration hilarious! After layering our cakes with whipped cream, brandy and cherries for all layers. We pipped some rosettes on the top with a pipping bag...except for Dave's whipped cream being just ran right out of the bag. It was very funny! Then we put on some chocolate shavings and then topped each rosette with a cherry. The final product is on display above. Mine is the one in front of me. Dave's is the pitiful one on the right, and the chef's is the middle one! It was so much fun!

Amee and I also took some swing dance lessons, which were very fun. Then we just layed back and enjoyed the rest of the day's entertainment...oh and of course ate some more food!
All in all, this was a very fun and enjoyable cruise! I would love to some day go back and hike some more in Denali someday, but for cruising...we will be sticking to warmer weather from now on! lol.



PS said...

What a great trip!
I hope you did enough swing dancing to burn off the chocolate cake!
thanks again for taking us along...

Dana said...

Your cake looks pretty awesome!!! It looks like a fun experience. I am glad you and Amee had such an enjoyable last day!