Monday, September 1, 2008

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Well meet Dave everyone. He was our very friendly flight attendant for our flight to Denver. Frontier is nice but they charge u $8 to watch a movie & $6 to watch tv. Ouch! Atleast they still had complinentary drinks, but no free pretzels or peanuts! The flight was uneventful , and we got to see some of the Rockies. To bad I couldnt hike some of the Colorado trail why I was out here! lol.

We r about to board flight 888 to Anchorage. It looks like a full flight. Hopefully we wont be next to another baby on this flight. Thankfully the 18 month old slept most of the last flight!



Dana said...

I hope you guys are having fun and relaxing! I'm looking forward to seeing some awesome pictures! :D

Holding down the fort,

PS said...

The Alaska trip snuck up on me!!! Prayers and best wishes on your trip. I'll be checking in regularly. Thanks for taking us all along!


PS said...

Hey Shep,
Obviously you don't have access up there in God's country... That can be a really blessing!
Just wanted y'all to know I am thinking about you and y'all are in my prayers...

Hike on,

Dana said...

Well I keep checking, but no pictures...I'm a little dissapointed here! I guess you're waiting til you get home to post them!