Wednesday, September 24, 2008

End times reference on Glenn Beck??

Hello all,

I hope you read my previous post even though I am putting up this interesting bit of information that I read as I was about to go to bed. Check this statement out by Glenn Beck...

GLENN: Okay. Senator, I have been against every single one of these bailouts. This one I have said that I am for because I believe it is slow down catastrophe. However, there are caveats to that. Congress is taking this thing and I mean, introducing judges to be able to negotiate your renegotiate your interest level and your mortgage payments and everything else. And then the other disturbing thing that I'm starting to hear, I heard a lot of talk about it yesterday in the United Nations and everything else. United Nations is now saying to stem this, we must have one global financial system. You have China saying we need one global currency. You're starting to hear these things, making me believe that there's a lot of people in this that would certainly love to design a global financial system. Is that just talk of a raving madman?
----Glenn Beck: Bailout opposition growing

Hmmm....this is end times talk! One world currency. One world order. Not that we are currently in the end times cause obviously we would need to be Raptured first. But it was interesting to see this mentioned on a secular show, and not them not realizing that the Bible predicts something like that in the future!

Wow, reminds me of Matthew 25 and the parable of the 10 virgins. Are we ready....prudent or foolish! I hope we are all the prudent ones anxiously awaiting Christ's return!

Awaiting the trumpet sound!


markus said...

whether there is a rapture before Christ's coming or not, it doesn't surprise me that people will start talking about a centralized world economy. Glen Beck probably wasn't thinking about it in an end times context, but you're right - it does seem to speak to certain interpretations of Revelation. One thing is for certain: Christ is returning to make all things right, no matter how screwed up it seems now. Thanks for this reminder.