Sunday, April 20, 2008

Audie Leon Murphy Memorial.jpg

April 19th. The last post was on the 19th as well. Well since we just had a geography lesson, I will share a history lesson I learned today as well. I learned alot today.

Here is the Audie Leon Murphy memorial. He died in a plane crash near this spot. You maybe wondering who this Audie person is, just like I was when I came to his memorial. Although I bet grandma knows.

Well Audie was the most decorated soldier of World War II. He recieved 24 decorations including the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Cross & 2 purple hearts. He was from Texas. He also starred in many Hollywood war movies. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

hey Jerimiah, fyi Audie had 33 decorations and was the most decorated solder of ww11. ck out his web site you'll find he is an international hero. 3 decorations are from France,two from Belgium. He joined the army at 17 and did most of his war service between 17-19 yrs of age. Have fun on your hike,hope to see the plane crash site this summer and see his grave the 2nd most visited after JFK in Arlington. yours Ruxy

Kristi said...

You've got to watch his autobiographical movie - To Hell and Back - it's one of my favorites!!