Friday, April 4, 2008

Risk at Kincora Hostel.jpg

Risk at Kincora Hostel.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Day 30: Today was an easy nero day. Officially 9.3 miles, which puts us 410.9 miles from Springer & 1765.3 from Katahdin.

We are at Kincora hostel, which definetly gets 4 stars. Bob Peoples goes out of his way to cater to hikers. Bill plan to stay here. Showered and ate 3 beef n chedders & curly fries at Arby's. Dynamite ate over 3000 cals there! Then we went back to play some Risk! One of the greatest game created. I came out victorious, when all hope looked lost. Then we had some pizza & ice cream for dessert, and I know I am still loosing weight.

Well 2 days til Damascus. Rain in the forecast. Yeah.



PS said...

Hey Shepherd,
It is awesome you're hitting the famous trail places. Kincora is one of them!
Man I have had pneumonia this week and have not gotten the fresh batches of peppermint oil in the mail to you yet... What's the next Post Office up the trail from Damascus you're going to check? I'll send them there.
I am so sorry, I've been down all this week...

Hike On!

Sharon B. said...


I am really enjoying your blog. What a wonderful adventure. Hiking the AT is something I always yearned to do.

Take care.