Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pearisburg, VA

Day 42: April 15th.

Got into Pearisburg at 11:30 and immediately went to the Pizza Hut's AYCE lunch buffett with CJ, Rat Sandwhich, Matthew & Five Bags. We put a dent in their profits today! lol. 5 hungry hikers and pizza! Yeah baby. We did a short 8.2 miles into town, so we are officially 624 miles from Springer & 1552.2 miles from Katahdin!

Amee got into town at around 1:30 and we checked into the hotel. I got a shower and we went to wash my clothes and go to the post office! With a side trip to Dairy Queen for another Blizzard!

Pastor Scott! Got the package and the goodies! THANK YOU so much! I loved the Mouse-B-Gone stickers! Also I havent read that book and I needed some new reading material! Thanks again! Will let you know what I think of it! Also I think I will go with the coffee system and try to make some more friends on the trail with free coffee! Thanks for the system and the coffee and filters...way more than I had expected. I love to lighten my pack!! To God be the glory!

Then we went to Virginia Tech and ate at Boston Beanery, which was delicious! Tomorrow is the one year anniversery of the VT shootings, so there are alot of news vans around and vigils planned for tomorrow. We may try to check it out if we can find it. CJ actually is a graduate of VT, so he will be there.

Well enjoying my rest days with Amee. Time to chill and watch a movie.

Debbie: Yes, tell Doug I use my pepsi can stove every night! It has worked wonders. I even gave one of my 2 extras to a guy who needed to go lighter with his pack. He was very thankful! Grandma, I love you! Hope you enjoy reading about my adventures!

Margie: Thanks for the mention of leaving the day with my posts. I have been actually thinking about doing that, but thought it showed when I posted. It actually only shows the time. So that will be a future addition! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Lakewood: It is too ironic. As I sit here at this computer at the Motor Lodge Inn, I looked over and on their pinup board is your "thank you" picture at Katahdin! Too funny. It is the first time Amee has seen a pic of you ..I believe. I am hoping my beard gets as long as yours was! lol.


PS said...

Glad the package got there in time and glad you like the coffe set-up! I'm using it every morning in my kitchen wishing I was on the trail.

I hope you enjoy the Eldredge book. He was actually in Atlanta last night and I got to hear him. Good stuff...

Enjoy your day with your bride and let you body take a break.

And hike on!