Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Dartman.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

This is Dartman. I met him on day 31. He thru-hiked in 2001 and actually hiked with a hiker named shepherd. I actually got to talk with 2001 shepherd. Too funny.

He is a very nice guy who loves to talk and eat ramps, which he will tell you about. Ramps are like a wild onion that can be found on the trail. Adds flavor to trail food.

He got his trail name cause he carried his own darts with him on his 2001 hike, and actually played some games in the northeast.


cheryl said...

Hey Jeremiah!!
Mary Foulks gave me your blog address and hopefully you will get this message. Way to go!! Very inspiring, or crazy, which ever, but still very industrious! I have been checking your blog every few days. I guess you are in my neighborhood, Virginia. Happy hiking, stay safe, and God bless you and all your efforts!
Laisa says hello! She and Tim will be moving just 61/2 hours south of here to Greenville, SC for Tim to do his residency. They will be there for 5 years, and have bought a house, so we, and they, are way excited!

Dana said...

I've been teaching my kiddos about maps and some basic geography. I was showing them the different mountain ranges in our country and mentioned you and your hike. They wanted to know exactly where you were on the trail! Amee is going to give me some good resources but we're going to start tracking your progress! Thought you'd like to know that my class was routing for you:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeremiah!! I was probably not far from you today. We were returning from NC today and got a great view of Pilot Mountain. I think we crossed the AT on the interstate and I thought about you there somewhere in the mountains I could see. You are getting to see some great sites! And it was especially gorgeous with the variety of green shades as the leaves just start to come out. Unfortunately, there just wasn't time to look you up. Matt B

Mel Eik said...

OK Jeremiah, i really want you to have a beard like that when we see you next.