Monday, April 7, 2008

Saunders Shelter.jpg

Saunders Shelter.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Day 34: Well today we didn't get out of the gates like we wanted. CJ had to get a pedicure, his back waxed & a massage. Nah, actually only a massage. He said it was totally worth it. I should of got one. So we didnt get on the trail till 3:30 pm. No complaints from me cause we just cont. to chill in the AC house with running water, tv and a refrig! Again thanks Joe & Kaye.

So officially we hiked 9.4 miles. We are 470.5 miles from Springer & 1705.7 miles from Katahdin. The weather was sunny & 70's. Very nice with very minimal bugs. Spring has arrived. Trees are flowering & some flowers are popping up along the trail. It is nice to see. Although I am about 6.5 miles off schedule, but that shouldnt be hard to make up. Get to see Amee in 8 days! Yeah.

Here at the shelter with the 4 horseman (what we are calling ourselves when we hike together), Matthew & Willie boy! I am glad to see Willie again. Will post about him tomorrow!

God bless,


Mac/cgul1 said...

Coffee system should be headed your way soon, not from me, and if it smells like peppermint, it's not my fault.

Keep on Keepin On,


Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Well last night to work till wednesday night if they need me. I'm sure you will get back on schedule hiking with cj cause he always talks you into going farther on. stay safe and have a good day hiking today when the sum comes up. Love you, Mom