Friday, April 4, 2008

One Month Snapshot.jpg

One Month Snapshot.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Day 31: Well one month of being on the trail is now in the books. Hard to imagine that it has been that long. I thought I would snap a pic of me, so everyone can see my transformation into grizzly adams. Here are some one month stats as I reflect back.

Officially hiked 24.3 miles today, so we are 435.2 miles from Springer & 1741.0 from Katahdin, which averages out to be 14 miles per day.

Shelters: 19
Hostels: 4
Hotels: 4
Tarp: 3
Cowboy: 1
Showers: 8
Laundry: 4
Rain: 7
Snow: 3
Campfires: 11
Poptarts: 62
Snickers: 30
Paydays: 13
Nabs: 14
Pizza slices: 18
Cookies: 10
M&M's: 5
Milkways: 4
Ben & Jerry's: 2
Mayfield Ice cream: 2

Also I had lost 5 pounds by Hot Springs. Down to 162 lbs.

Tomorrow we will hike 25.9 into Damascus to spend the next 2 days with the Boggs' family! Yeah! Thank you. God bless.


PS: Totally understand about being under the weather. Hope you're feeling better, will be praying for you. No problem about Damascus, OK to send to Pearisburg PO. Thanks


PS said...

Pearisburg... you got it. I'm making up a batch of them for you to give out. I appreciate the reports. Anything else you need while I'm shipping? Just let me know!

Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Good picture not to rough looking yet. One whole month done. Took Matthew to ISU thursday he liked it and decided he is going to go there for nursing is going to room with one of the nurses I work with her son is going there. Matt is in a bowling tournament up by chicago this wknd your dad went up with him I have to work. Keep up the good days hopefully the weather will start getting nicer. Scott hope you get to feeling better from mom shepard. Looks like you are seeing amazing things along the way can't wait to see all pictures. You know you can load them on and they are only 9 cents a picture and you can add borders and everything. Beth told me about it at work.
Love you, Mom

Kristi said...

I'm glad to see that you're still smiling!