Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cowboy Killer.jpg

Cowboy Killer.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

This is the infamous Cowboy Killer...aka Sam. He grew up in Maryland but goes to school at Georgia Tech.

He got his name after killing a cowboy in Reno. lol. No he actually got it because he smokes a lot, and CJ named him Cowboy Killer. Cause cigarettes killed the Marborlo Cowboy.

So the you have it.

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Anonymous said...


Great to hear that all is going well. Talked to Amee today for a couple of minutes. She is counting down the days until she gets to see you again. Glad you are through the mountains for a while. Keep on hiking my friend!


Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Looks like everything is going okay except for the heat. Sometimes heat is worse than cold but I think I would rather be hot than cold. Have a good day hiking tomorrow. still in my prayers.
Love you, Mom

BowHunter said...

smoking on the AT? That is some weight I would rather leave home.

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah! We texted you last night...hope all is well! Miss you! keep up the good work!