Friday, April 25, 2008

The Dutch Haus

Day 52: April 25th.

Officially hiked 18.1 miles to the Fish Hatchery Rd, then walked another 2.5 miles (unofficial) to Montebello, VA.

This is where the Dutch Haus B&B is located! Lois & Earl are in their 8th year doing this. They actually offer a free lunch to all hikers whether they stay or not between 11-1 pm, but I wasnt able to get there in time. So, I will get to enjoy their dinner and breakfast! They give us cool robes to wear around the house while our laundry gets done! Very cozy! Spruce & South Side are here as well. They both slacked packed 25 miles today. I havent gotten the chance to slack pack (which means you just hike with a day pack with a few essentials) yet. I would like to hear other hiker's opinions on whether slack packing is "allowed" on a thru-hike or not. So far there have been a mixture of hikers who say they would and many who say they wouldnt. I dont think I would turn down the opportunity if it came up, but doubt it will. Currently I have carried my full pack the whole time.

I officially broke the 800 mile mark today over Cold Mountain, where I called and actually talked to my co-workers today! It was great to hear their voices and their encouragement, and of course a patient was trying to get out of bed! It never fails! lol.

I am officially at 811.5 miles form Springer & 1364.7 miles from Katahdin! Tomorrow, I have a tough downhill hike down "The Priest", which has 36 switchbacks! But, then I have a equally large climb up 3 ridges mnt. So the saying is true, "If you go down, you will soon be going up!"

Just John: Great to hear from you and welcome to the blog! Would love to meet you and especially if you have trail magic! Thru-hikers crave trail magic! lol. I always wear a blue bandana and carry a hiking stick. My picture is on the post of the "one month snapshot". Also, how is the trail in PA? I have heard that it is pretty flat and the rocks dont come into play till near the end!? I also heard Maryland isnt too bad as well.

Rich: I have a tarp (1 pound) and have used it successfully on the trail. I currently use the shelters if possible, but have come out dry using the tarp in a rain storm! Most hikers still carry tents, but tarps are becoming more popular, esp. with ultralighters. I recommend the website, Very informative, esp. their forums!

Jen: Great to hear from you. I miss seeing you guys and esp. Kayden. Tell him I said hello! I bet he wont recognize me at Matthew's graduation! lol. Congrats on your job in Lafayette, we hope to see you often!

Alyssa: Yes, I forgot about the mouse count! I have seen 8 dead mice at the shelter. 1 alive, and another one ran over my head while sleeping. The MBG's (Mouse-B-Gone's) are working well lately, since I have 2 fresh ones! I gave out the rest PS! Thanks again!

Eikenberry: Yes, I hope my beard grows quickly! Any tips on how to make it grow faster would be much appreciated. I dont think Amee will want me to keep it once I am finished with the hike! lol. Also here is the updated poptart count!

Poptarts: 102
Snickers: 44

Bill Bolander: You should try to stay here if possible! 4 stars! Great food and wonderful place to sleep! Highly recommended!!!

Pete/Wendy: Is getting married tomorrow!! Yeah! God bless you guys and have a great honeymoon! It is finally here!



PS said...

Hey Shepherd,
thanks for the MBG update! Glad to know it is working. Let me know when you need some fresh ones.

hike on,

Mel Eik said...

925 tarts to go! You better get to it, I'm gonna have to send some with Amee next time she goes.