Friday, April 25, 2008

"The Hiker" - a song

"The Hiker" sung to the tune of "The Gambler - by Kenny Rogers"

On a warm summers evenin'
on a trail bound for Katahdin.
I met up with "The Hiker", we were both to tired to speak.
So, we took turns a starin' out the shelter at the darkness
till boredom over took us and he began to speak.

He said, "Son, I've made a life out of reading hiker's faces,
and knowing how much their packs weighs by the way they held their eyes.
So, if you dont mind me saying, I can see your packs too heavy,
for a taste of your water, I'll give you some advice."
So, I handed him my Nalgene, and he drank down my last swallow.
Then he bumbed a ClifBar, and asked me for some GORP.
Then the night got deathly quite and his face lost all expression,
He said, "If your going to hike the AT, boy, you got to learn to go ultralight."

You got to know when to go 20's, know when to do 30's.
Know when to take a zero day, know when to leave town.
You always count your ounzes, when filling up your food sack
Cause there will be time enough for eating big, when you hitch into town.

Every hiker knows, that the secret to Katahdin.
Is knowing what to throw away, and knowing what to keep.
Cause every gears a winner, and every gears a loser.
And the best you can do is to keep your pack under 30 pounds.

So when he finished speaking, he turned back towards his food sack.
Scarfed down some beef jerky, and faded off to sleep.
Then somewhere near Katahdin, "The Hiker" he broke even,
and in his food sack, I found a Snickers that I could keep.

Repeat chorus

Hope you enjoyed. God bless. Hopefully more to come.


PS: Yes, I carry a mp3 player/fm radio that I listen to... usually half the day. It definelty helps!


MeteoMatt said...

Hey Shepherd! Love the song. I think you might have a career as a songwriter after the hike!

Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Just at work tonight- Kayden is staying all night with grandpa he asked if I was home when they got home and alan told him I was at work, so he said he would check and went into the house hollering grandma are you here- then he told grandpa well quess you are right. About me not being home but he had to check himself. I've got him spoiled he asked grandpa if he would cook him french toast and alan told him he didn't know how and kayden said grandma will tell you. So when I talked to him I told him grandpa knows how to make french toast now. The pictures on the trail are so neat. You sure have seen a lot of neat things and will be beautiful with spring leaves and all the colored trees here they are wonderful. You are getting some good miles in, be safe and careful. My prayers are with you! Love you,

PS said...

What a hilarious song! Great job... I can see a youtube coming...

hike on,

BTW - You are doing an AWESOME job!

PS said...

Hey Shepherd,

does your MP3 player have an SD slot? If so, what size?