Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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Good morning.

This is Willie Boy, who I met 4 days ago at Kincora hostel. He lives in Chicago.

Found out that he has 4 brothers that live in Lafayette, and that I actually work with one of them at Home hospital. His name is Chris DeFabio. I dont believe I have ever met him, but some of my coworkers knows him. It is a small world.

Well he is also thruhiking, and is doing well.

Beautiful morning so far. Not sure how far I will hike today.



SooAnn said...

Good morning Jeremiah!!!
Keep it up....

Take some pics of the flowers for me. I bet it's beautiful seeing the trees bloom and the flowers come out! God is so creative! I love that about Him!

Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Yeah at home tonight just reading your updates small world that willie boy has family in lafayette. Amazing all you will meet on the trail. Well have a good evening and good day tomorrow, might rain here haven't looked at the weather for you yet.Should I tell you we are going to hershey's just opened up last week and haven't even been there yet not really on my diet but oh well.
Love you, Mom and Dad

PS said...

Hey Shepherd,
Just an FYI that the package is in the mail. Will be in Pearisburg for you!

Hike on,

abby said...

Lance and I are still so very excited to log on and read your updates! Keep up the posting and we'll keep up the praying...

Anonymous said...

Good morning from mom,
Well I hope your just having signal problems since you didn't write yesterday hopefully we will here something today. Well hiking in virginia I read a little from damascus to I can't remember but it said you might see herds of wild horses which would be neat. Take pictures if you can. Have a good day and you are all still in my prayers daily.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Is the relax inn a regular inn or a shelter? Got on and of course didn't see update till I looked over to the side then saw you had typed a few messages which made me feel better. Can't wait for the updates tomorrow have a good day hiking are you back on schedule to meet amee in pearisburg.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremiah!
You are hiking with my friend Lisa DiFabio Lahrman older brother, Willie. I sent him a note a week or more ago telling him about you. Enjoy Gods country and I'll be following your quest-
LuAnn, Arnett Hospitalist Nurse