Saturday, April 12, 2008

Grayson Highlinds.jpg

Grayson Highlinds.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Day 35: Well if I thought the view from Hightop mnt was cool, I had an eye opener at the Highlands.

After Hightop, we went over Mt. Rogers to Thomas Knob shelter. There I ate dinner & headed on to Wise shelter. That is where I encountered the Highlands!

Grayson Highlands are the coolest part of the trail so far. They have wild ponies in the park. I saw 16 adult ponies & 2 younglings. I even got them to come up to me and lick my hand. Plus 2 bunny rabbits. I will put up some cool videos at Pearisburg.

Officially I hiked 23.7 miles today. I am 494.2 miles from Springer & 1682.0 miles from Katahdin.

Also today the 4 horsemen disbanded for the night. I am the only one here from our group. Dynamite & CK are tenting in the Highlands, and CJ actually is at his home. He had to get his warm sleeping back & will hopefully catch back up by Pearisburg. I have been hiking with CJ since day 14. I am alittle bummed tonight.

Lakewood: Widowmaker is here tonight. He thrud in 2007 & ran into u.

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Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Glad you were able to get the horses. Doesn't sound like they are wild since you could actually pet them. Hopefully you will meet cj again on the trail. Not to many days till you see amee again!! Stay safe.
Love you, Mom