Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shenandoah National Park .jpg

Shenandoah National Park .jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Day 54: 4/27.

AT Hiker fee: Blood, sweat & blisters.

Officially entered into the Shenandoah NP today. Yeah. I have so far mixed feelings about the park. I will give it another day before I comment more on it. I did see 4 bunnies in the park.

I did 27.8 miles today, which puts me at 857.5 miles from Springer & 1318.7 miles from Katahdin. My second longest day so far.

I caught back up to Strides, & met Team Deustchmark, who is Yeti, Bad Hummus & Toddy Bear. They have been a couple days ahead and been complaining that no one has caught up to them yet. They are pretty funny. CJ & I were going to call us Team Dollar Bill to rival them. lol.

It is suppose to get down in the 30's the next couple nights and rain is in the foecast tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Well we saw your precious amee last night and she ate supper with us at texas roadhouse will take you when your home. Sounds like some hard hiking last couple days. Amee said you had your second pair of shoes and ordered your third pair. Amee hardly had a voice but she said it was better than the day before at wendy and pete's wedding rehersal. She got mountain jack's and then texas roadhouse- 2 days of real meals. She hasn't been cooking much for just one which I probably wouldn't either. Keep up the good days hiking and will see you soon at graduation, matt has prom this friday- then not much except golf till graduation. Nice mushroom of course you know I don't like them .Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Glad to see you are finding much trail magic :) My dad will be on the trail in a few weeks . . . maybe you will meet. Hang in there, looks like you are doing great! By the way . . . what ever happened to the pop tarts???

Jessica King