Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gods trail magic.jpg

Gods trail magic.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Day 54. 4/27.

Found my first morel, which are the greastest things about spring. I guess they are really popping up. Havent had time to really hunt them yet. Only if i had some flour, butter & a frying pan. yum.

I am sure it brings back memories for grandma, who is the greastest mushroom cooker ever, and of course grandpa was the greast mushroom finder ever! He found some huge one's.

Anyone else out there enjoy morels?



Smoothie King said...

Oh my word...I love Morels! I've not had one in so long it's sad. Hope you find a pan ;-)

John said...

I remember three ridges being the last really bad day until look forward to some nice hiking in the days to come. I'll look for you when you get up here in PA in a couple weeks! Maybe buy you that beer and burger that you'll have certainly earned.

Enjoy all the road crossings and delis in the next few weeks too. Make sure you get some new shoes before the PA rocks..your feet will thank you. (if you haven't already that is)!