Sunday, March 9, 2008

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Blue Mountain Shelter.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Howdy from Blue Mnt shelter. we officially hiked our biggest mileage today, and my feet are sore! We hiked 13.8 miles and are now 48.7 miles from Springer & 2127.5 miles from Katahdin. After lunch we hiked through 4 named gaps, so we must of hiked 4 mnts as well. Blue Mnt was the worst. Very rocky. We have an awesome view right out the front. There are a few thruhikers here & a lot of college students out on spring break. I know that isnt my wifes idea of a spring break. lol. Planning a short day tomorrow to rest our feet, but there are some tough climbs in store. Oh, no wind! Yeah. It is a beautiful night. I am getting my appetite back, and I hear an all you can eat Chinese buffet calling my name in Hiawasee! Yummy! God bless.



PS said...

Hey Shepherd,
There is an incredible sunrise right over the toes of your sleeping bag from Blue Mtn Shelter.

I'm proud you made it there!

Hike on my brother,

I just updated my blog from our trip to Gooch Gap Shelter. There's some pics of you in there:,guid,20a819fe-71b9-423f-9f46-2149ba93e9a5.aspx

Anonymous said...

Great job love!! You are doing awesome! I've got a foot massage with your name on it when you reach Hot Springs!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi again from mom,
Great to see you made it to the shelter. Hope it will be warmer tonight. Stay warm, my prayers are with you!!
Love ya, Mom