Sunday, March 23, 2008

Standing Bear Farm Hostel

Howdy All! Happy Easter! He is RISEN!

I am reminded of the chorus of "Alive Forever, Amen"

"He's Alive, Alive, Alive Hallelujah. Praise and Glory to the Lamb!
Alive, Alive Alive Hallelujah. Forever, Amen!"

Great song!

Well my battery died on me after sending out the Tribute to California Joe. He was bummed that I didnt get a more flattering picture of him! We see him eating his "Nabs" or what we northerns call...cheese and crackers, and did you see his white legs! You were probably blinded I know! That is why I am wearing pants all the time! Right on! lol.

No he is actually a fire fighter for the Northern California Forest Service! Great guy and a professing believer. I actually got to give my testimony to him as well as our dating testimony too! lol. Heck we have only been hiking for the past 7 days together. We are like bros now! Also ladies...he is single and 25 years old! hehe :O)

Well ok...back to the AT!

Day 18. We did 20.4 miles to get us to Cosby Knob Shelter. We delibertly did this to our bodies so we could get to Standing Bear farm earlier in the day on day 19. It was definetly tough but the views were AMAZING! It was all ridgeline hiking, with great weather! Couldnt have asked for a better day. I truely loved the Smokies! We met Steady On at the shelter as well, another thru-hiker that started in late Feb.

Day 19. Today we did only 11.4 miles to the Standing Bear Farm Hostel! Actually we got our directions messed up so we actually did 13.4 miles...2 unofficial. We werent happy, but we made it still by 12:30. We are officially 239.3 miles from Springer and out of the Smoky Mnt National Park. We just have a short 32.3 miles left to Hot Springs, so 2 fairly easy days ahead.

When we got to the hostel, was able to take my 3rd shower in 19 days!!!! Oh it felt sooo good! I also was able to eat an entire Digorno Supreme Pizza as well, and will have my first pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream for dinner tonight! I think it is Chocolate Fudge Browny! Yum! Here at the hostel is CJ and his friend who will hike the next 5 days with us, Poncho, The General, Steady On, and Lady and the Tramp.

I just also want to give a review of the Hostel for any future hikers...4 stars! Great place. Very nice. Plenty of food to eat, hot showers, internet access. Highly recommending staying the night if you are able!

Well anyway. Thanks for all the encouraging comments and prayers!

PS: Yeh, I might be needing a refresher on the peppermint oil. How about sending one to Damascus, VA. I am about 13 days away from there. Just address it to Jeremiah Redden...Hold for Thru-hiker. If it isnt much trouble! So far it has worked wonders! Thanks a million!


The Rockstar said...


Just wanted to let you know that I am an avid reader but not much of a commenter. I am enjoying following you on your travels!

I also just had to laugh that you were advertising the singleness of CJ. Very amusing! Is he by chance moving to Indiana? ;) Haha.


PS said...

Great job man. I hope you have great weather for Snowbird & Max Patch. They are really something...

I know you're excited about Hot Springs, and you should be! Remember to go down and get a soak in the hot springs. It is amazing. Bob and I finished up there a couple years ago and had some time to kill so we went. 102 degree mineral water! All aches and pains gone! Oh, and remember, tubs 2 or 8!!!

You'll have some peppermint waiting for you in Damascus!

Hike on my brother.


Anonymous said...

Hi again from mom,
Well i'm back at work just finished my mn assessments. I had to reorient myself since i have been off so long. I love your updates as I know you are fine and having a wonderful time. Well matthew is in his last 8 weeks of school starting in the morning. We are going to isu 1st week april to check it out, he wants to go there and i told him he was going to have to buckle down and study. Still in my prayers daily.
Love you, Mom

M. Kate said...

He is risen, indeed!

Keep pushin' J!