Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pearls & Jing-Jang

This is Pearls and Jing-Jang. Pearls got her name due to her beautiful smile, and I am not sure how Jing-Jang got his name. For the longest time, he was just Alex.

They are married and live in Danville, VA, which is just on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. They said they hang out in Ashville, NC a lot. I had to wait to upload their picture because I didnt have them on my cell phone, only my camera.

They are a few days behind me due to Pearls having really big blisters. She was also the one who had hypothermia early in the hike! She is doing well, and I hope they are still on the trail!


PS - Pastor Scott said...

Hey Shepherd,
Man you are doing great! I'm glad you FINALLY got a zero day. And I know it must have been great spending it with your bride...

I was just remembering this and wanted to get it to you. Last year when Bob and I were heading out of Hot Springs we completely missed the trail after we crossed the bridge over the French Broad!

It isn't marked that well, only on top of the bridge. But just as the concrete siding of the bridge ends you drop down fairly steep. You'll see the trail, it just didn't look like the AT.

They've probably changed it but was just thinking about. It is a pretty good pull coming up from the river, then nice...

Hike on my brother,