Sunday, March 16, 2008


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Well day 12 is in the books. Officially hiked 16.5 miles (my longest so far). I am at the NOC, which is 134.9 miles Springer & 2041.3 miles to Katahdin. The NOC is the Nantahala Outdoor Center, which would be a nice place for a retreat. lol. Tomorrow I plan to do 16 miles to Brown Fork Gap Shelter, then to Fontana Dam the next day.

Thanks everyone for all the encouraging comments. They really help.

Russell: Great to meet ya. I hope to check out your program on YouTube when I get the chance! Lord willing I will have many opportunities to share my testimony, even if I can't I hope by my actions I stand out for God! Since I am His ambassador on this trek! I would be happy to hike with anyone out here.
Bill Bolander: When you get to this area when you start your hike. The 6.5 miles from Wesser tower to NOC is tough! Lots of steep up & downs. Not many switchbacks. Rivers end has great food. Wesser General store has limited food.
DaisyGirl: Yeh, glad my trail name isnt Cookie Monster!


Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,dad and your wife,
We are sitting here reading your updates after gatlin's bd party, like all the pictures, way to go 16.5 miles good job!! You are still in my prayers daily stay safe, love you. I will never get bored with your postings, i love when you have several in one day so keep them up. Love youl,
Mom dad and A

PS said...

Great job Shepherd!
I will say, rest up and eat an extra pop-tart tomorrow!
For me the next 5 miles is the toughest on the trail thus far. Like 3,500 ft elevation gain!
But you are in the groove, getting those trail legs!!!

Hike on my brother...

cgul said...

Hope you had some sherpa rice at NOC, one of my favorite spots on the planet.
Scott got me hooked up to your blog, really kewl that you can post from the trail.
Mac, cgul1
arm chair hiker and hammock hanger
Have a great hike and God Bless