Sunday, March 30, 2008

Uncle Johnny's

Day 26: Easy 6.3 miles into Erwin, TN where we are staying at Uncle Johnny's hostel, which is the nicest hostel to date! Super friendly, warm showers, warm bunkhouse with TV and plenty of movies to choose from! Cant beat that for 15 bucks! Bill: Stay here when you hike! Thanks Scott for the upcoming warning on the trail over Roan! I have heard it called Groan Mnt! Lois: This is the section in the "Then the Hail Came" called Hump and Groan...I wish I had a copy to read while I travel it!

So far it is CJ, Dynamite, Sam & I for the night. We already showered and headed into town for the all you can eat Chinese buffet at the China Kitchen! Yummy! I had 3 and half plates, so I am doing better with the AYCE!

Then we went to the Food Lion to resupply for the next 4 days, and of course I got a pint of Ben & Jerry's to eat while watching March Madness! Finally, I get to see my first 2 games! Hoping Davidson pulls off the upset!

Tonight for dinner it will be Sonic, which will have it's own post in tribute to avid Sonic stay tuned! Then it is a sermon by Pastor Broggi and probably National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for a night cap movie!

God bless,


Mac/cgul1 said...

thanks for stopping by my blog.
Pop Tarts, quick and easy, you are probably not a coffee hound, we have hot water going for the wakeup juice, so some into the oatmeal doesn't take too long.

Christmas Vacation - a classic

Take your time up the Groan, wish I was there, but enjoy the armchair hike along.
You are truly in God's Country

take care,