Friday, March 14, 2008

Mooney Gap.jpg

Mooney Gap.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Passed through Mooney Gap, which is know to be the wettest places in the eastern US. It has an annual precipitation of 93.5 inches per year.

Guess what? No rain today! Yeah. Albert mnt looms in the near future.


PS said...

Hey Shepherd,
Thanks for the "Peppermint Post"!

If it is a nice day, don't miss the .2 miles to the top of Silers Bald. I had one of my most memorable trail lunches up there. No words to describe the Work of the Creator from up there.

You are doing GREAT my friend!

Hike On!


PS said...

Oh, I did share your link with my buddies at, so you may hear from some of them here. We're talking about keeping up with you on the blog there.
That's where I got my alcohol stove and the idea for the pot cozy I sent with you!

peace my friend...

You are doing it!

The Big Guy said...


I hope all is going well. Do you stink awful bad yet? Hope you are enjoying the great outdoors.