Saturday, March 8, 2008

Neels Gap.jpg

Neels Gap.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Made it to Neels gap at 1030 this morning. Trail goes right through the store. Talk about bringing your customers right to you! Bought a new food sack..some snickers and poptarts. and some new insoles for my feet. The girls are doing laundry and showering..I am waiting till Hiawasee. I want the funk to be strong..although I really dont smell the other hikers..just me. Will try to tarp tonight somewhere down the road.


Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
I thought neels gap was a town not just a store, talked with amee twice today and she says your fine and are staying in a town on tuesday. Hope your clothes are all dry and you stay warm tonight- hopefully somewhere you can have a fire. Your pictures and updates are wonderful. My love and prayers are with you!!

Love, Mom and Dad

PS said...

Hey J,
Scott from Gooch Mtn Shelter here... don't know if you can get these remotely, but 3.4 miles from Neals Gap is Wolf Laurel Top. To the right is one of my favorite spots to tarp. AWESOME veiw to the south. No water there but you can get some .6 miles before that on the right. A big pull from Tesnatee Gap to Hogpen, then you can really put some miles in. You could get all the way to Blue Mtn Shelter tomorrow. peace my brother and hike on!