Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sonic ordering.jpg

Sonic ordering.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.
Here is CJ and Dynamite ordering from the sonic drive up. It is like Dog N Suds in Lafayette, but way better.
CJ ordered about $15 worth of food, but Dynamite and I only ordered about $9.50 worth. Doesnt Dynamite look like Napolian Dynamite (that is where his trail name came from!)
I got the #6 - Chicken Club Toaster with onion rings and rootbeer. Also I got their famous breakfast burrito! Yummy! Well as a thruhiker, pretty much anything tastes great!
Also Lakewood: Gave Uncle Johnny your message for you! God bless.


Anonymous said...

FYI Jeremiah, Sonic in Lafayette opened this weekend. Haven't tried it yet. My kids said the newbees are having difficulty on the roller skates. Maybe I will try it this week sometime. Of course.....keep on hiking. Kimbra

Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Your dad and I ate at a sonic one time coming back from taking jen home they are good. Looks like you will not be hungry tonight with sonic and all you can eat chinese. All of you be safe and you are all in my prayers daily since you added friends along the way. I am working a 6 day stretch and your dad and matthew are roughing it - of course josh has the boys tonight so alan stopped at mcdonalds to get matt double cheeseburgers for breakfast since i'm not home and bought happy meals for the boys.
Love and miss you,

John said...

awesome! thank you. Uncle Johnny's is great. I upgraded the extra 5 bucks and got one of his small cabins last year. Don't worry too much about Roan mtn either. By now, you have good trail legs. besides, the bald mountains following are so amazing that you will soon forget about the climb up Roan.

It will be cold on roan, of that you can be sure.

I'm lovin' the updates...keep them coming.