Friday, March 7, 2008

Woods hole shelter.jpg

Woods hole shelter.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Well we obviously didnt make it to neels gap. After climbing Ramrock mnt then Big Cedar mnt and then Burnett field mnt, we just didnt have it in us. Snow is foorecasted and it is already getting cold. Thankfully I had some dry clothes to change into, the rest are hanging on the clothline. 12 people staying here tonight, and then tommorrow we climb the highest mnt in GA... Blood mnt! Hopefully it wont live up to its name! It actually stopped raining at 9:20 when we left Gooch, but it pretty muuch rained on us the rest of the way. I did get to use my umbrella today & it worked great! Yeah. well I am being called Inspector Gadget due to all the gizmos I have,.but Shephard still rules. Well thxs for the prayers. Signing off for now.


Anonymous said...

hi again from mom,
Just checking in to see you are okay I pray you all stay warm tonight glad you have dry clothes, looks like everyone else probably smells bad too but maybe tomorrow it will dry off and not rain. Love you, Mom and Dad