Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hiking. Georgia to Maine (a Song)

Well hello again. You can definetly tell my off days...extra posts!

Here is a song I came up with while hiking on the AT for the past couple of days. It is to be sung to the tune of "Wanted. Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi.

It's all the same,
only the scenery has changed.
It seems we're hiking to stay
at another trail shelter,
where the privy seats are so cold.
I've hiked all day
just to get to Katahdin.

I'm a thru-hiker.
In a pair of boots I hike.
I'm hiking. Georgia to Maine.
Hiking. Georgia to Maine.

Sometimes I shower,
Sometimes it's not for days.
And the people I meet,
Have some crazy made-up names.
Sometimes you tell the day,
by the odor on your clothes.
Sometimes when you're alone,
All you do is think (about food).

I'm a thru-hiker.
In a pair of boots I hike.
I'm hiking, hiking. Georgia to Maine.
Hiking, hiking. Georgia to Maine.

Oh, I hike!

I'm a thru-hiker.
In a pair of boots I hike.
I'm hiking. Georgia to Maine.

Well, I hike the AT
With a loaded Jam 2 on my back.
I hike for keeps
Cause there's no turning back.
I've been headed north,
And I'm still standing tall.
I've seen a thousand white blazes,
And I've hiked them all!

Cause I'm a thru-hiker.
I've got the trail angels on my side.
I'm hiking, hiking. Georgia to Maine.
I still hike, I still hike.
Georgia to Maine.
Georgia to Maine.

The end.

Hope you enjoyed!



The Rockstar said...

Well, I must say that was GREAT! I am a BIG Bon Jovi fan, too. :)

PS said...

There's just not a whole lot to do out there pounding out miles is there... You got an MP3 player??? Man, if you don't, you need one.

And I was thinking about downhills... I was thinking about how HUGE my poles are for downhill. Much more than anything else... Then I remembered you don't have any poles!!! Just that big ole' stick! You may want to consider poles... They are brakes on the downhill... Just a thought.

I also remembered a saying from an AT thru-hiking book I read: "Too far, too fast, too heavy, too soon!" Lot's of wisdom there!

Hike on brother,

Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Well no update today hopefully the signal was bad and your okay. You are all in my prayers.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

hi again from mom,
Since it is after mn happy april fools and absolutely no your hurt jokes okay!
Love ya. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey love! Great song. I can hear you and CJ jamming out to it in my head and all the other thru-hikers thinking "man I wish I could be as cool as them" HA HA Good shelter log entertainment!

Smoothie King said...

Lol...that is great! Praying for you guys!

Russell said...

Isn't everyone in Indiana Bon Jovi Fans?