Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NC GA Border.jpg

NC GA Border.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Well time to close the chapter for Georgia, the home of the peach and great sweet tea...which I forgot to mention I had with supper! The last 3.1 miles of Georgia were pretty much an uphill climb...very tough.

So now into North Carolina. I am officially at Bly Gap, which is 76.4 miles from Springer & 2099.8 miles from Katahdin. I just set up my tarp at the campsite. It looks much more sturdier this time around. I am the only one here but am holding out hope that the gals or Pearls/Alex will come along. Not use to being all by myself yet. It is only 3:30...still early.

I also want to list for any future thruhiker the places to stay in Hiawassee from the best to the least from talking to other hikers.

1. Blueberry Patch!
2. Cloud 9
3. Hiawassee Inn
4. Holiday Inn Express.