Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welcome to Hiawasee!

Hello everyone!

It is 4:30 pm and I am at the public library checking out the wonderful comments you guys have left me! Thank you so much for all the encouraging words! Been having a blast so far! So far God has thrown about everything at us...snow, freezing wind and tempatures and rain...and I am still alive! Praise God!

Well today I am staying a dive called Hiawassee Inn, but it has a hot shower, warm bed and they are even doing my laundry! Plus they picked me up from the trail and will take me back tomorrow! Yeah!

After the library it is time to grocery shop and then later I am going to an "All you can eat" buffet as a steakhouse in town. I am not ravenous yet because I only bought a medium DQ blizzard this afternoon! You will know if I am really hungry when I am eating the large...but it was soooo good!

Well I only have 10 mins remaining on the computer, but I want to tell a couple of stories about 2 events that have transpired over the last few days.

The first one is about "Pearls". On saturday, the day it turn to snow in the early morning (Scott...your weather forecasting was right on!), we were just leaving the shelter when "Pearls" and her husband Alex were getting out of their tent. Well we didnt know the whole story till yesterday. They had left all their clothes out to dry over night due to the all day rain on friday. Well they didnt dry...they froze! So she had to put on those clothes and hike in the snow and freezing wind. Well I guess she got hypothermia and passed out a couple of times. Thankfully a couple weekend hikers had some emergency firewood with them and they started a fire for her to dry out! So when we saw her at Neels Gap, she actually looked good and was about to take a shower. Scary! But she is doing fine now and is staying in town tonight!

The other story happened Saturday night into Sunday morning. We left Neels gap that saturday and tarped, but they had a huge party with all you can eat food and alcohol for FREE! Why we didnt stay...who knows! But one guy named "freight train" got a little to drunk and in the morning woke up and thought he was outside...then he started to relieve himself right there in the bunkhouse! Everyone was shouting at him to get outside...and that made things worst cause he kept moving around! Finally they got him outside...but his new trail name is "Pee Train" now! Too funny. That is why you should stay away from alcohol!

Well my time is up! will update later! God bless!



Anonymous said...

Shouldn't call that nice hotel a dive especially when they picked you up and taking you back, sounds like a pretty nice place to me with very nice people, dive might not be the correct terminalogy for that inn. Looks nice!!
Love ya, MOM