Saturday, March 15, 2008

Drenched Thruhiker.jpg

Drenched Thruhiker.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Praise God! I am alive and safe at Wayah Bald shelter. God is awesome, gracious & merciful. Here is the time line of my day.

0935: Dropped off at Winding stair gap by Ron Haven. Sun was out & beautiful morning, but I knew what was coming.
0940: Started hiking
1044: Made it to Siler Bald shelter. Literally running at times. No rain yet.
1100: Made it to top of Siler Bald
1120: Down in Walah Gap. First rumbles of thunder heard
1125: Sprinkeling now. 5.1 miles to go!
1140: Steady rain. Wayah bald is a killer! Umbrella out.
1150: Umbrella back in. Lots of lightening & thunder. rain heavier.
1250: Made it to Wayah Bald. Pouring buckets, with lighting and thunder. Trail a river of water & mud. Everything is soaked.
1310: Finally made it to shelter. Still raining. 4 other guys here.
1500: warming up as possible. Pea sized hail.

Lois: It was like George running for shelter in his trail journal. Although I didnt fall down!

Thank you for all your prayers!



PS said...

dangit! you ain't gotta tell ALL of it! You gonna worry your mooma to death...

Mrs. Shepherd... he is fine out there... having the time of his life. He was made for Adventure... and we are all praying for him...

Hike on my brother!

Anonymous said...

Hey from mom,
Pastor Scott I know he is having the time of his life but I'm still mom and going to worry but it helps to read his blogs cause I know he is okay and I know he has met some wonderful people like yourself along the trail. I enjoy reading your comments to shepard daily also and thanks for all your prayers too!! J, I hope you do have some dry clothes so you can at least be dry just watching some new movies you will have to catch up when you get home. Will see A tomorrow for gatlin's bd. You are in my thoughts and prayers stay safe and have fun!!
Love ya, MOM

abby said...

Jeremiah...So great to read about your journey. Pea-sized hail! That's a story in the making. Clearly, you can now say you survived hail and hiking! Carry on mountain man...

Anonymous said...

Hey love! I know if we can run in EVERY kind of weather training for the marathons, you can press on through this too!! You are the man!!

Daizie Girl said...

Glad you were able to get warm and dry! You do look like a cookie monster in your blue jacket. :) Although - the trail name of Shepherd is awesome and very fitting!!!