Saturday, March 22, 2008

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California Joe.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

A Tribute To California Joe:

One fine morning, CJ & I were hiking the AT in the Smokies just outside Ice water Shelter. We were walking a ridge line at about 6000 ft, when I was suddenly startled by a huge Kodiac bear, which must of escaped from the Gatlinburg Zoo. Well as I was reaching for my camera, I slipped on the icy trail and fell off the ridgeline. I soon found myself dangling 6000 ft up grasping only to a young pine sampling that was struggling to stay attached to the cliff.

After California Joe bravely fought off the Kodiac bear with his Leki poles & dashing good looks, he noticed the dire peril I was in. With no regards to his own life, he quickly thrust out his Leki pole to my outstretched hand. I grasped it just as the sappling gave way, and he pulled me to safety. Then we continued our journey on the AT. California Joe - they should name a shelter after him!

The people in the story are real, however the events were fictious purely for your entertainment.


Anonymous said...

I was laughing as i read this and was praying that you were going to say this wasn't true since it was to far fetched and it was comical,but would not of been if it had been true. Your still in my prayers be safe and have fun!!
Love ya, Mom

PS said...

Hey Shepherd,
What fun!
I know you're anxious to get to Hot Springs, but just don't rush through the Snowbird Mtn and Max Patch experience. Nothing like them!

Oh, and I'm glad you called your momma... good move...

Hike on!

russell said...

He is Risen!

Anonymous said...

Hi from mom again,
Happy easter, left my easter message on the clingman dome comment thought I was on the most recent but guess not, well read both I guess and have a happy easter!
Love Mom